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Classes At Daytona State

What are the best and worst classes you've taken at Daytona State College, or any college associated with Daytona State College, and why?
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Awesome classes:

Human Sexuality with Dr. Morrison
Photo 1 (B&W)
A+ Computer Hardware (ATC)
Abnormal Psychology

Classes that I thought would be awesome, but were not:

Modern Dance
Counseling Techniques - All we really did was talk about Humanistic Psychology.

I took basic Auto Mechanics at ATC and it was an interesting (4-hour long, twice a week) class, but too fast-paced for a beginner like me.

First Aid was pretty fun and interesting. And actually useful.

I got my AA a year and a half ago and nothing else really sticks out.
Accounting/Bookkeeping is terrible. It's so easy to get lost and I can't get help. The only advice I get is to "go to the campus to get tutored" but I can't because I live in Casselberry/Orlando.

It is so frustrating.