caryn (aprettybinding) wrote in daytona,

Models Needed

I'm a [female, if it matters] photographer in palm coast looking for some women [and probably men sometime in the future] who would be willing to allow me to use them in my photographs. This isn't porn, running on the beach naked type stuff, but more of a colaborative artsy type thing. And I hardly ever use [or want to use] typical 'model' types. i much rather prefer to use people who look real and/or unique, not necessarily the mainstream ideal of beauty, so don't let thinking your not model material stop you from contacting me if you might be interested.
There are hundreds of more specifics i could list here, but i don't want to clog up everyones friends pages, so if you are at least 18 years old [or will be soon] & live in the palm coast/st augustine/daytona areas [or are willing to travel] and think you might be interested please take a second to check out my work, either in my livejournal or at my website, and drop me an email at [caryn @] and we can go from there. [I send everyone interested a basic outline of how i do things, a list of questions, and a request for specific kinds of pictures to give me a good idea of what you look like, so you don't need to send anything along with your first email to me.]


[p.s. sorry if you're a member of a bunch of local communities and had to read this a million times! and also, i'm available to do commissioned work, with my specialty being non-traditional portraits, obviously. info on that is also at my site.]
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